Mariel Collard

Landscape and architecture
design | research | teaching

Paisaje y arquitectura
diseño | investigación | enseñanza


Selected work from 2020 and earlier
lives in this website. 

The Bali Studio 1
Hispanic/Latino Non-resident Alien
Trading on Terroir
Avocado Toast: A Natural History
For Holly
The Valley: A Journey
Feria de las Culturas Amigas
Casa Mazatlán

Mariel Collard

Landscape and architecture
design, research, pedagogy.

Paisaje y arquitectura
diseño, investigación, enseñanza.


The Bali Studio1

Landscape studio co-taught with Prof. Rosetta
S. Elkin

Students: Negar Adibpour, Niyousha Ahmadi Naeini, Catherine Auger, Shijia Hao, Nicole Jazwiec, Irena Jenei, Avo Keuyalian, Thomas Noussis, Emily Shin, Shawn Sullivan.

“The Bali Studio: Between High Season and Dry Season” was the first iteration of a series of landscape studios in the graduate program at McGill University that invite students to join the growing discussion within the conservation movement about the so-called Anthropocene: the age of human dominion of Earth. The course was an introduction to the theory and practice of landscape as living formation, to reflect on how changes are produced in both human and non-human environments. A dialogue between theory, cartography, and fieldwork allows the students to understand the unique capacity of landscape to act as a mediator between culture and nature. The projects affirm the methodology of multiple scales to replace the generic idea of ‘site.’ Each scale, the Ring of Fire, the Island of Bali and the Critical Zone, provides students with a portfolio of methods to study global interconnectedness and transform our reactions and engagement to climate change.

2020, Winter | Teaching